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We are currently taking orders from people who are interested in raising their Macaw Eggs from the egg stage. Hatching your own babies can be very exciting.

Added Advantage to Beginners;
We will ship your order long with a hatching guide. That will assist you throughout the process of Hatching, Feeding, and Raising the Babies.

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Fertile Macaw parrot eggs for sale

Have you ever been enchanted by the vibrant colors and playful personalities of macaw parrots? If so, you’re not alone. These majestic birds have a way of captivating hearts with their dazzling plumage and intelligent antics. But what if I told you there’s more to the magic than meets the eye? Enter the world of Macaw Parrot Eggs – nature’s hidden treasure waiting to be uncovered at Silvergate Bird Farm.

Nestled amidst lush greenery and the melodious chirps of resident birds, Silvergate Bird Farm is more than just a breeding ground – it’s a sanctuary where the wonder of nature comes to life. And at the heart of it all are the exquisite Macaw Parrot Eggs, each one a tiny miracle waiting to unfold.

What makes these eggs so special? For starters, they’re not just eggs – they’re the beginning of a remarkable journey. From the moment they’re laid in carefully crafted nests to the thrill of watching them hatch into adorable chicks, every step is a testament to the beauty of life itself.

But it’s not just about the process – it’s about the people behind it. At Silvergate Bird Farm, every egg is handled with love and expertise, ensuring the health and happiness of both the chicks and their future owners. With a commitment to ethical breeding practices and a genuine passion for birds, Silvergate Bird Farm is more than just a place to buy eggs – it’s a community dedicated to the well-being of these magnificent creatures.

So why choose Macaw Parrot Eggs from Silvergate Bird Farm? It’s simple – quality, trust, and a touch of magic. Whether you’re an experienced bird enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of aviculture, Silvergate Bird Farm offers a one-of-a-kind experience that’s sure to delight and inspire.

So come, step into the enchanting world of Macaw Parrot Eggs at Silvergate Bird Farm. Whether you’re looking to expand your aviary or simply marvel at the wonders of nature, there’s something here for everyone. After all, when it comes to the magic of birds, the possibilities are endless – and the journey is just beginning.

We’ve compiled incubation data for various subspecies of macaws below:

Sub-species | Average Eggs per Clutch | Days of Incubation

Blue and Gold Macaws | 2 – 3 eggs | 25 – 29 days

Buffon’s Macaws | 2 – 4 eggs | 25 – 27 days

Blue-throated Macaw aka Caninde Macaw or Wagler’s Macaw | 1 – 4 eggs | 24 – 27 days

Green-winged Macaws | 1 – 3 eggs | 26 – 28 days

Hyacinth Macaws | 2 eggs | 26 – 29 days

Illiger’s Macaws | 2 – 4 eggs | 24 – 26 days

Military | 2 – 3 eggs | 24 – 26 days

Red-fronted | 1 – 4 eggs | 25 – 27 days

Scarlet | 2 – 4 eggs | 25 – 27 days

Severe | 2 – 5 eggs | 24 – 26 days

Yellow-collared | 3 – 4 eggs | 24 – 26 days

We hope this information helps you in your quest for hatching Macaw eggs!

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Green-Winged Macaw Eggs, Hyacinth Macaw Eggs, Blue and Gold Macaw Eggs, Camelot Macaw Eggs, Scarlet Macaw Eggs, Blue-throated Macaw Eggs, Military Macaw Eggs, Illiger’s Macaws


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