African grey for sale

             African grey parrots for sale

There are two main types of African Grey Parrots – the Congo African Grey and Timneh African Grey. These parrots possess high intelligence and have the ability to imitate and talk like humans. They can also mimic sounds and whistles, which can be enhanced with proper attention and regular interaction outside of their cage.

African Greys are distinguishable with their dark grey wings, pale-grey rump, and a featherless rim of skin around the eyes in whitish to light grey. The head and neck feathers have lighter margins, giving them a scalloped appearance. While the Congo African Grey has a red tail, the Timneh African Grey has a dark-maroon tail.

These charming parrots are the most intelligent among all birds. They can mime and distinguish between different voices, making them incredibly adorable. African Greys usually whistle, squeak, shriek, and even imitate different sounds like the microwave, telephone, and doorbell. It’s important for owners to familiarize themselves with their parrot’s unique renditions of the sounds around them.

African Grey Parrots are highly sought after by enthusiasts due to their talent for talking and mimicking. They are also one of the oldest psittacine species kept as pets. They can make wonderful companions as they are very social, but adding one to your family requires lots of training, consistent love, and interaction.

In conclusion, owning an African Grey Parrot is a life-long commitment that can be extremely rewarding. The Congo Grey is large with a light grey face and a bright red tail, and they require consistent attention and care to fully thrive in a family environment.

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