About Us

Welcome to Silvergate Bird Farm!

At Welcome to Silvergate Bird Farm, we share your love for exotic birds. As a family-owned bird store, we place emphasis on providing our customers with healthy birds, along with everything they need to ensure their happy, comfortable lifestyle.
We are, before all, pet-lovers: our fur and feather family currently consists of 2 cats, 2 dogs, and 11 birds. Our vision is to help our customers learn everything they need to provide for their exotic birds and other pets and spread our love for animals.

Parrots for sale
Parrots for sale

As part of our dedication to bird well-being, we operate according to a 30-day Layaway.
Plan with a 25% deposit. The plan also includes a weaning program for baby birds as hand-feeding newborns isn’t always easy, especially for inexperienced bird owners. Our program will take care of feeding your avian baby for you while allowing you to spend quality time with them and educate you on taking care of your bird.
We are also more than happy to show you how to hand-feed your birds in the future. This is a rewarding experience we believe every bird owner should experience! At Silvergate Bird Farm, we also offer Financing through Mariner Financing to take the hassle out of payment and help you take better care of your new feathery friend. On all Conures to Macaws, we offer a 6 Month, 100% Health Guarantee. We also sell Finches, Canaries, Lovebirds, Cockatiels, and Parrotlets. Don’t be surprised when visiting our store to see some Rare Birds, such as Toucans, Toucanets, Black Palm Cockatoos, Hyacinth Macaws, and Red Tail Cockatoos.

Silvergate Bird Farm has been family owned and operated for 38 years. The Silvergate Bird Farm family also shares their home with 2 Dogs, 2 Cat, and 11 Birds. Silvergate Bird Farm traced its roots to over 30 years ago when founder Silvergate Bird Farm opened his very own bird shop – in the tiny space in the back of a fish store. His passion for animals, specialist knowledge, along with his friendly demeanor, quickly shot his store to popularity. Silvergate Bird left the nest and began expanding, finally settling on the 3500 sq. ft. birds store in the Mainline Shopping Center, where our business bloomed for over 23 years. Thanks to the community’s support and our loyal customers, we continued to grow and, in July 2006, moved into our improved 10,000 sq. ft. nest where you can still find us today.

We have stayed true to our reputation for being a pet business that cares for birds and customers alike throughout the years. We take the time to ensure our equipment is spotless and fully functional, and our birds are healthy, safe, and happy. Like an exotic bird store, our policy is simple: we value humility and strive to provide our birds with a good and loving home and educate future bird owners and make them feel a part of our feather family.

We find birds rather marvelous creatures that require a lot of attention and care. At the same time, our little feathery friends have so much to give! At Silvergate Bird Farm, we do more than sell exotic birds: we take pride in our knowledge and our staff is always happy to provide assistance, guidance or advice, to help you take the best possible care of your avian friends.