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Welcome to Silvergate Bird Farm

Silvergate Bird Farm -owned & operated exotic bird store. Our family business has grown with our customers who appreciate the friendly atmosphere and personalized service.  We are fully licensed and conveniently, where our baby birds are hand-raised, nurtured, and loved by all of us.

Specializing in hand feeding and hand raising baby birds and parrots making quality pet companions. Home of super friendly and highly sociable baby Birds for sale. Our babies are raised in our home and we play with them constantly throughout the day. They are well-behaved, tamed, spoiled, and playful birds.


Birds for sale

Exotic Birds for Sale

Hand-raised Parrots make a wonderful companion pet. Getting a bird is easy at Silvergate Bird Farm. We sell birds of the highest quality and essential pet products to keep them healthy and vibrant. 

Pet Parrots, along with ravens, crows, jays, and magpies, are among the most intelligent birds. The ability of some species to imitate human voices is why they are so popular as companion pets.

We can help you find the perfect companion. Browse our pet birds for sale, as well as our full range of supplies – and find everything you need to give your pets a home they’ll love.

About Us

We are small aviary breeds of African Grey Parrot, Caique, Cockatoo, Conure, Eclectus, Macaw, Quaker, and Toucan. We have a closed aviary to the public due to strict biosecurity. Still, we are willing to meet and ship depending on location and weather. For locals, we are willing to meet locally so you can meet your new baby before weaning, as long as the scheduling works for us. We also make regular transport trips to several states. These animals are our pets, and we take excellent care of them and have high expectations of their new family to continue to care for them to the same degree. We will not just sell to anyone and deny sales if we feel like we can not provide the care they need. We will provide care sheets that will explain all their care and a bag of pellets to transition with for free. We also provide:

  • A bag of frozen vegetables (chop).
  • A bag of freeze-dried treats.
  • Sample millet.
  • Seed.

Your baby will come to you with everything it needs nutritionally for a while so you can focus on caging and toys. We require a non-refundable deposit that holds that baby for you until it is completely weaned. The rest of the payment is due at or before pickup. We have several different payment options.

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