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Moustached parakeets can make adorable pets when hand-fed as babies and properly socialized. They are active, social creatures who love to spend time playing games and spend time with their owners.

Moustached parakeets are outgoing and playful and do well if properly socialized. They can be a bit bossy and aggressive if not disciplined appropriately, but they can still make good first birds. If you want a smaller parrot with many personalities, the Mustached Parakeet may be the bird for you.

We specialize in raising tame, well socialized, and confident companion Moustached parakeets. All of our Moustached parakeets receive spacious and clean housing, nutrient-rich food, and constant love and attention from our highly trained staff. In addition, we ensure that each bird has adequate socialization for them to become successful feathered companions.

We have Males and Females Moustached parakeets for sale from 4 to 9 months old. DNA tested, fully health tested with vet certificate. They are cute and very friendly. They love to be held, stroked, and will climb all over you. They have been hand-reared from a very young age, and so they are very friendly and tame towards everyone, including children. They feed on apples, bananas, and pellets mixed with seeds.

If you have questions regarding Moustached parakeets or any others available, please give us a call for more pictures, videos, and information.

If you would like additional information about these beautiful Moustached parakeets, please give us a call or email us!

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Mustache parakeet

Searching for affordable Moustached Parakeets for sale? Hoping to find healthy Moustached Parakeet breeders? Look no further than Silvergate Bird Farm. Here, we provide a wide selection of exotic moustached parakeet species to fulfill your avian companionship dreams. Let’s explore why Silvergate Bird Farm is the ideal destination to find your perfect feathered friend.

1. Moustache Parakeet: A Charismatic Addition to Your Home:

Moustached Parakeets, known for their distinctive facial plumage, captivate bird enthusiasts with their playful nature and captivating personalities. These intelligent birds thrive on interaction and enriched environments, making them an excellent choice for potential bird owners. With their vibrant colors and cheerful disposition, owning a Moustached Parakeet brings a delightful energy to any household.

2. The Convenience of Buying Mustache Parakeet Online:

Silvergate Bird Farm understands that convenience is essential for prospective parakeet owners. With their online platform, you can explore the availability of Moustached Parakeets from the comfort of your own home. This user-friendly website allows you to browse through the various species, obtain detailed information, and even interact with knowledgeable staff to ensure that you make an informed decision.

3. Affordable Mustache Parakeet for Sale: Making Your Dream a Reality:

At Silvergate Bird Farm, we believe that owning a Moustached Parakeet should be accessible to all bird enthusiasts. We offer a range of avian selections at competitive prices, ensuring that you find the perfect winged companion without breaking the bank. Silvergate Bird Farm strives to provide affordable options while maintaining the utmost care and attention to the health and well-being of our birds.

4. Healthy Moustache Parakeet Breeders: Trustworthy and Reliable:

Finding a reliable breeder is crucial when considering the purchase of a Moustached Parakeet. Silvergate Bird Farm takes great pride in its commitment to the health and overall quality of their birds. Carefully handpicked and expertly bred, each Moustached Parakeet undergoes a comprehensive health examination to ensure that you bring home a vibrant and thriving pet.

5. Exotic Moustache Parakeet Species for Sale: Unveil the Eclectic World of Avian Beauty:

Silvergate Bird Farm brings you a diverse array of exotic Mustache Parakeet species rarely seen elsewhere. From the striking Rainbow Mustached Parakeet to the vibrant and unique Yellow-crested Mustache Parakeet, our collection will leave you awe-inspired. Embark on an exotic avian journey and make your home a remarkable sanctuary for these captivating creatures.

If you’re considering adding a Mustache Parakeet to your family, Silvergate Bird Farm is the ideal place to begin your search. Their online platform simplifies the process, allowing you to explore various Mustache Parakeet species, exceptionally bred by healthy and reputable breeders. Whether you’re seeking an affordable purchase or a rare and exotic choice, Silvergate Bird Farm offers an exceptional and trustworthy experience. Fulfill your avian dreams and bring home the perfect Mustache Parakeet companion from Silvergate Bird Farm today.

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3 to 5 months old, 6 to 9 months old, 1 year to 2 Years old

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