Terms and Conditions

Reserving a baby bird, Most of our baby birds are sold/reserved while they are young and still hand-feeding, therefore, a NON-REFUNDABLE(50% or more) deposit is required to reserve a baby until it is fully weaned. All deposits are applied to the final invoice.

For the safety and health of our baby birds, we will not allow a baby bird to go to its new home until it is fully weaned.(exception made at managements discretion) A weaned bird is one who can fill their own crop for a minimum of two weeks and maintain a reasonable weight prior to going to its new home.

The NON-REFUNDABLE deposit can be applied toward the purchase of another bird within 30 days of receiving the initial deposit.

Please contact us by phone or email to reserve your baby and/or confirm availability.

Visiting your baby bird When you purchase an unweaned bird from us, we encourage you to visit your baby once a week until it is fully weaned so that you can start building a bond with your bird before taking him/her home. If you are unable to visit your baby bird on a regular basis or if you do not live in Rhode Island, we will e-mail pictures and updates until your bird is fully weaned and ready to go home.

Health Guarantee

All of our baby birds come with a health guarantee. We guarantee that there are no symptoms of disease or parasites at the time of sale/shipping and that our birds are completely healthy. This means that our birds are free of viral infections, pathogenic bacterial infections, fungal infections, and congenital defects. We do not consider a slight growth of gram-negative bacteria post-shipping to be disease but recognize that this is a stress-related reaction to being shipped/taken home. Any bird taken/shipped and hand-fed by customers are not qualified for guarantee. Adult birds (over one year in age) do not fall under our health guarantee nor do breeders they are sold AS IS!. No guarantee!!!!

Birds may not be refunded or exchanged, unless the bird is examined by an avian veterinarian within 72 hours of receipt of the bird, whereby it is determined if the bird has health-related issues. An avian veterinarian’s certificate stating the bird was Unfit for sale must be presented to to our Exotic Bird Store within 72 hours of exam for exchange or refund of the bird. This guarantee is void if the leg band has been removed. (does not apply to adult/breeder birds)

In the event buyer fails to have the bird(s) examined by an avian veterinarian within 3-day period after pickup or delivery, then the buyer understands and agrees that the sale is one of “as is” condition.

If your bird should die within fifteen(15) days from date of pickup or delivery, you must take the bird to an avian veterinarian immediately. The avian veterinarian must perform the proper testing to determine the “ROOT” cause of death. If the bird had a genetic disease or defect, the bird will be replaced at a discounted cost. Not Replaced for FREE.! The avian veterinarian’s analysis report must be presented to Silvergate Bird Farm immediately upon receipt of the report from the avian veterinarian. PLEASE PRINT!!!

Final Payment

Final payment, including shipping charges (if applicable), is due at time of pickup or prior to agreed-upon shipping date. Payments must be made payable to Silvergate Exotic Bird Store until the balance is paid in full at time of pickup or prior to agreed-upon shipping date.

Payment Options We accept cash, Paypal, Cash App, Zelle,Google Pay, Apple Pay.  made payable to Silvergate Exitic Bird Store, Visa, Master Card, & Discover…

Free Behavioral Consultations Parrots change as they mature. These changes can cause problems if not understood. If you carefully follow all of the nurturing guidance suggestions on our website, many of these problems can be avoided. When you purchase a bird from Silvergate Exitic Bird Store, we are committed to offering lifetime support and guidance to you and your family.

Emergency Phone Number: (401)237-0853. Our phone number, which is on a voice mail system, is available to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If we are not available at the time of your call, we will return your call as quickly as possible and advise you, as best as we can, what to do.

We are not avian vets, and, therefore, cannot practice avian medicine. We are, however, committed to helping our customers as best as we can and in the shortest amount of time possible.

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