Umbrella Cockatoo for Sale

Umbrella Cockatoo for Sale


Umbrella Cockatoos are large birds, and they need a large cage and area to play in. They can also be quite loud when they decide to be, being able to produce a call that can be heard for up to 3 miles away! For a person that can meet the needs of these magnificent birds, Umbrella Cockatoos can be the best-feathered friend in the world.

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Umbrella Cockatoo for Sale

           Umbrella Cockatoo for Sale, They make extremely sweet, charming, intelligent, and well-behaved pets. Just as with any bird. Most are gentle enough to be handled by older children, and many Umbrella Cockatoos are beloved family pets.


. Before deciding to get an Umbrella Cockatoo, though, make sure you’ll be able to give them lifelong care: after all, these pet birds can even outlive their owner.

Umbrella cockatoos are magnificent birds, and keeping one as a pet means you may have found the best-feathered friend you could hope for. They are beyond affectionate—bordering on obsessive—with their caretakers, though they do require more attention and care than many other species.

The Umbrella Cockatoo is mainly a pure white, medium-sized bird. Its plumage is completely white except for a distinct yellow coloration on the under-wings and at the base of the tail. They are the only large cockatoo species with an entirely white crest. Their crest usually is flat on their heads. They have a rounded, umbrella-shaped crest when raised, thus giving them their name.

The beak is grayish-black, and like all parrots, is large, curved and very powerful. Male Umbrella Cockatoos tend to have dark brown almost black eyes, whereas the females tend to have more reddish eyes. Both sexes have a pale bluish-white eye-ring. The legs are a dark gray.


Origin and History

The Umbrella Cockatoo is native to Indonesia, in the Moluccan Islands of Batjan, Halmahera, Obi, Ternate, and Tidor.



Umbrella cockatoos are gentle, docile, and sweet-tempered by nature, making them well suited to be companion birds. They are very rarely aggressive and will quickly form strong bonds with their caretakers.

These birds are some of the most affectionate you will find, a trait they carry over from the wild. They love to cuddle with their person, bird, or even object of choice.


Umbrella Cockatoos can live over 40 years in captivity and 30 years in the wild. There have been claims of cockatoos living up to 100 years, though these claims have not     been documented.


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