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Turquoise Green Cheek Conures are a popular option for pets. They are suitable for owners of any experience level. In addition, taming and training are not particularly challenging because of their good nature.

We specialize in raising tame, well socialized, and confident companion Turquoise Green Cheek Conures. All of our Turquoise Green Cheek Conures birds receive spacious and clean housing, nutrient-rich food, and constant love and attention from our highly trained staff. In addition, we ensure that each bird has adequate socialization for them to become successful feathered companions.

We have Males and Females Turquoise Green Cheek Conures for sale from 4 to 9 months old. DNA tested, fully health tested with vet certificate. They are cute and very friendly. They love to be held, stroked, and will climb all over you. They have been hand-reared from a very young age, and so they are very friendly and tame towards everyone, including children. They feed on apples, bananas, and pellets mixed with seeds.

If you have questions regarding Turquoise Green Cheek Conures or any others available, please give us a call for more pictures, videos, and information.

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Turquoise Green Cheek Conure

Turquoise Green Cheek Conures are a delightful South American species of parrot known for their playful and entertaining behavior. They make excellent pets, although it’s important to carefully consider the pros and cons before bringing one into an apartment.

At Silvergate Bird Farm, we specialize in raising tame, well-socialized, and confident companion Turquoise Green Cheek Conure. Each of our birds is given spacious and clean housing, nutrient-rich food, and constant love and attention from our highly trained staff. Our goal is to ensure that each bird receives adequate socialization and can become a successful feathered companion.

When it comes to housing, a hanging cage measuring 24″W x 24″D x 30″H with a metal bar spacing of ½” is ideal for a Turquoise Green Cheek Conure. Be sure to place the cage in an area with good access to natural light and air. It’s also important to provide perches, swings, and ladders inside the cage, as these are the best toys and equipment your conure can have. Additionally, including a metal grate and a dropping tray underneath the cage will help to keep it and your bird clean.

More about our Turquoise Green Cheek Conures for Sale

Turquoise Green Cheek Conures enjoy the company of their owners and children. They love to show off with tricks such as lying on their backs, hanging from the cage, head-bobbing, kissing, acrobatics, dancing, and singing. While they enjoy living in pairs, it’s not recommended to house them with birds of a different species. Although talking is not their forte, they are trainable and can learn a few words. They also enjoy foraging toys and simulation activities. When feeling discontent, they may puff up their back, indicating the need for attention.

Feeding your Turquoise Green Cheek Conure fresh vegetables, fruits (such as strawberries, bananas, lemons, and oranges), and fortified seeds daily is recommended. Pellet-based diets are also a good option. Treats that are not high in fat or sugar can be given occasionally. However, it’s important to avoid feeding them avocado and chocolate, which can be toxic.

Interacting with your bird regularly is essential to elevate its mood and keep boredom at bay. Be careful of their movements, especially when they are outside of the cage, as they are intelligent birds that can unlock things and cause minor wounds to their body. Keep their cage, water, and food bowl clean and provide chlorine-free and filtered water for them to bathe. Clipping flight feathers from professionals is necessary as well.

Overall, Turquoise Green Cheek Conure are an excellent pet choice for owners of any experience level. They have a good nature, making taming and training an easy process. If you have any questions regarding Turquoise Green Cheek Conures or any other bird species available at Silvergate Bird Farm, please give us a call for more information.

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