Severe Macaw


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Severe Macaw

The Severe Macaw, also known as the Chestnut-fronted Macaw, is a stunning creature found commonly throughout the southern regions of Panama and the Amazonian Brazil area. This smaller-sized bird possesses the classic macaw personality and is the perfect fit for those who are ready to become full-time bird owners.

The Ara Severus, or Severe Macaw, is one of the largest among the mini macaws. As an adult, it can grow up to 45 centimeters in length and weigh around 400 grams. These beautiful birds boast blue and red wings with a brown patch on their heads. Their skin is a pristine white color with dark feathers around their eyes.

For bird enthusiasts, the Severe Macaw is an ideal choice. Friendly and outgoing with a knack for entertainment, they are a people pleaser through and through.

Housing these delightful birds requires a steel cage measuring 4X4X8ft, complete with perches to allow ample space for spreading their wings. Mental stimulation through chewable toys is important, and if possible, an outdoor cage for your Macaw’s refreshment should be provided. A wooden nest box measuring 12X12X24inches should also be arranged.

A hand-raised Severe Macaw is an endearing bird, always looking to interact with its owner. They can even accompany you on your shoulder as you go about your daily household activities. However, keep in mind that they can sometimes be screamers. Some are capable of fluent talking, but if they do not receive adequate attention, they can become nippy and destructive.

Your Macaw’s diet is important. It should consist of a formulated diet alongside vegetables and fruits, with occasional treats such as seeds and almonds. Ensure that your pet and its cage are kept clean at all times. Bathe your Macaw by sprinkling water and letting it dry properly. Introduce your pet to as many new people as possible to prevent it from becoming a one-person bird. Always watch over your Macaw while it’s out of its cage, as it might ingest toxic elements due to its inquisitive nature

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