Red Fronted Macaw


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Red Fronted Macaw

Red Fronted Macaws are stunning birds that also happen to be one of the smallest “large” macaws. They are the perfect size and are known for their hilarious personalities, charisma, goofiness, and playfulness. Spending time with your feathered friend is key to their development, and it’s recommended that they receive proper training and socialization to become great companions. In fact, some Red Fronts can even become great talkers! When it comes to housing, these birds need a minimum cage size of 40″ x 30″ x 75″ with a 1″ bar spacing. This generous space allows them to fly between perches and extend their wings.

These birds are also very affectionate, docile, inquisitive, and playful, making them excellent family pets. Their excellent health and lifespan of up to 50 years make them a great investment for those looking for a loyal companion for years to come. However, it’s important to not neglect their need for social interaction and play, whether it’s cuddling or goofing around the house. Additionally, regular bathing is important for keeping their skin and plumage healthy.

Unfortunately, the Red-fronted Macaw’s population has declined due to being killed for destroying farmers’ crops and being poached extensively for the pet trade. Hand-raised macaws are easy to handle and adapt quickly, but socialization must start at an early age to prevent fearful behavior. While they are known to be playful and extroverted, they can also become nippy and destructive if not properly cared for. Mate aggression is uncommon, although they can become noisy during breeding.

A generously sized cage with durable wire, locks, and escape-proof latches is ideal for Red Fronted Macaws. Nest boxes can be both horizontal or vertical, but they need to be spacious and have plenty of chewable material. The birds require a balanced diet that includes formulated food, fresh fruits and vegetables, and palm nuts that are rich in calories and oil.

Overall, Red Fronted Macaw make excellent pets for those willing to provide them with the time, patience, and confidence they need. Taking care of these birds is a rewarding experience that can lead to years of companionship and joy.

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