Green Indian Parakeet Ringneck For sale

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Green Indian Parakeet Ringneck For sale


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Green Indian Ringneck Parakeet is also known as Indian Ringneck Parrot, Rose-Ringed Parrots. Wild Indian Parakeets are usually green except for turquoise blue on their tail feathers, and males have black and rose-colored rings around their necks. Indian Parakeet Ringnecks are now available in shades ranging from bright yellows (Lutino), greens, and blues to albinos due to color mutations. Like a few other bird species, they are known as dimorphic, meaning that its colors and markings can determine a bird’s sex.

4 reviews for Green Indian Parakeet Ringneck For sale


    Came sooner than I expected within the same month
    It seems as if this bird did not have previous human contact so he/she is really afraid. So far it's been a week and something. I know it's just captured from outside but it may take some time. The ring is also missing from the parrot so this is a non-ring Indian parakeet. Good things are the shipping, packing, and Bird is pretty


    My new ringneck parakeet
    Our bird is beautiful! He arrived healthily. So far he's adjusting nicely and is eating drinking and sleeping well. I am impressed with The Silver gate bird farm for delivering such a perfect bird. I also sent you guys a lot of messages and really appreciate Dayna and her patience. Thank you so much!


    Beautiful bird
    I was called to be informed Ricky (Green Indian Ringneck) was being shipped. I was surprised Ricky arrived the very next day which made me very happy. The reason I'm giving only 4 stars is the breeder band was so tight my avian vet had to lightly sedate Ricky to cut it off with a saw, He couldn't risk Ricky moving his leg. Luckily the band hadn't did any damage. Besides that Ricky is a very healthy bird and I Love him.


    Beautiful Ringneck!
    My ringneck came in the very next day after it shipped!! I was amazed! My bird is beautiful and healthy. Making the adaptation to his new home very well. Definitely will be ordering from y’all again and will recommend y’all to everyone.

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