Goffin Cockatoos for Sale

Goffin Cockatoos for Sale


Goffins are a fantastic size, they are small but they have a huge personality. Goffins tend to do well in homes that offer a lot of consistency in daily routine. They are your constant companion and want to be out of the cage at all times. We encourage lots of foraging opportunities for Goffins, they like to problem solve.

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Goffin Cockatoos for Sale

        Goffin Cockatoos for Sale, they are playful and very curious. The require and desire a large amount of socialization. Cockatoos are beautiful, loving, and affectionate parrots. Goffin Cockatoos are not for inexperienced or first-time bird owners. They need an owner who has plenty of time to spend with them.

Size: 32 cm / 12.5 inches
Life Expectancy: 40 – 65 years


The plumage of the Goffin Cockatoo is a beautiful white, and it has soft salmon pink lores. Its body is mainly covered with white feathers, with salmon or pink-colored feathers between the beak and eyes. The deeper parts of the crest feathers and neck feathers are also a salmon color, but the coloration here is hidden by the white color of the more superficial (distal) areas of these feathers. The underside of its wing and tail feathers exhibits a yellowish tinge. The eyes range from brown to black.

Origin of Goffin Cockatoo

The Goffin Cockatoo is native to the forests of the Tenimber Islands of Indonesia. In the wild, they are a flock bird.


It is important to tame a Goffin Cockatoo. They can be terribly noisy at times that can be subdued by proper training. These birds are smart, witty, affectionate, inquisitive, active, and playful. Some Goffin Cockatoos are extensive talkers. But it would be a mistake to think a Goffin Cockatoo will automatically learn to speak. Some never learn, others only a couple of words, and yet others will learn a large array of birds. Generally, the Goffin Cockatoo is not regarded as a talking parrot, though they can be very loud. Some owners say they scream in a way similar to many Amazons.

Goffin Cockatoo As A Pet

The Goffin Cockatoo is an excellent choice for families as they are usually great with children. It should be noted that as with most of the larger parrots, the Goffin Cockatoo can get quite loud. Because they are intelligent and social creatures, the Goffin Cockatoo can be demanding of their owner’s attention.

One of the greatest joys in owning a Goffin Cockatoo is receiving their snuggles and cuddles, but they expect to receive as much love and affection as they give. Some Goffin has been known to talk extensively, but this is not the norm.


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