Blue Quaker Parrots for Sale

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Blue Quaker Parrots for Sale


Blue Quaker Parrot are Playful, cheeky, inquisitive, excellent talkers are just some ways to describe these brilliant birds. Socialisation and interaction form an important part of the Blue Quaker Parrot daily routine.

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Blue Quaker Parrots are a variety of the Quaker Parrot that has become available through the selective breeding of captive birds. Except for their color, they are very similar to the original Quaker Parrots. They are fun-loving birds that enjoy socialization and make great avian companions.

Blue Quaker Parrots are a color variation of the Quaker Parrot, whose scientific name is Myiopsitta monachus. There are four subspecies within their general range. They are small, companion parrots that are also commonly referred to as Blue Monk Parakeets or Blue Monk Parrots. The Blue Quaker is not classified as a separate species.

Blue Quakers are about 11 inches (28 cm) in length. The Blues weigh about 3.5 ounces (100 grams), which is slightly less than the original green variety. They have blue backs and wings, a grey breast, black eyes with a white eye-ring, and an orange-yellow beak.

4 reviews for Blue Quaker Parrots for Sale

  1. Cynthia Adisson

    Looking for where to buy a Quaker parrot for many months now, I was fortunate to find Silver gate bird farm, and thanks to my daughter for her recommendation. I’m glad I finally have my dream bird, I wish I can add an African grey to my family sometime in the future.

  2. Gail Bradshaw

    I have a question about your quaker parrots. I have one that is blue with grayish feather tips and my friend has one that is blue with turquoise tips. Are they both called blue parrots? What’s the color difference? Also, I teach genetics. I was wondered what colors did you use to get the yellow bird? Just curious

  3. Harvey Roseline

    What a lovely blue Quaker parrot I received from Maxi Parrots and I will be looking forward to order more in future.

  4. Erin Park

    Now I trust and believed Maxi parrots, have good and healthy birds, I received a Quaker parrot, which I ordered and the delivery was awesome. Thanks Marx for everything

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