Blue Front Amazon Parrot for Sale

Blue Front Amazon Parrot for Sale


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Blue Front Amazon Parrot for Sale

Blue Front Amazon Parrot for Sale, These are among the most common birds kept as pets. They have brilliant colorings and each bird has its own distinct feather patterns to go along with their extroverted personalities. blue-fronted amazons are natural performers. They love to be around their owners and will ham it up for extra attention. When well-socialized, these parrots will enjoy the company of the entire family, though they tend to choose a favorite.


Origin: The Blue-Fronted Amazon is native to Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, and Northern Argentina.

Loudness: The Blue-Fronted Amazon is known for being an excellent talker. Like most birds, when this bird is having fun entertaining you they can become very boisterous.

Trainability: The Blue-Fronted is a great mimic and as a result, you can teach your bird many things. Stimulation is very important in training your bird. Toys are very important for all birds in order to keep them stimulated. As this bird is a great mimic, the more time you spend talking to and playing with them, the more they will learn.


Since the blue-fronted Amazon is such a playful bird and can stay for hours on its own, the cage it is kept in should be spacious enough so that it can move around unimpeded. The ideal dimensions for the cage should be 24x20x20 inches. Give your plenty of toys to play with and you can leave it by itself for a few hours without it ever spending a solitary dull moment. A proper nest box should be provided during the breeding season.

Perches made of coarse and rough material should be provided to help them perch better; it is also good for their feet and legs. Putting a few concrete perches can save both yourself and your bird the ordeal of having its nails filed.

Temperament and Behavior

The blue-front is an extremely friendly, fun-loving bird that does as well in human interactions as it does in interactions with other birds and even other pets. Male blue-fronts do tend to get a little aggressive during the breeding season, but never enough to worry the owner. However, they do have a powerful bite, so make sure you train it well enough that it can calm down at the utterance of a certain word or phrase.

They are very protective of their owner and will do a dive bomb attack on anybody it perceives as a threat to its master.


A pet blue-fronted Amazon enjoys a varied diet; this can include a seed mix or dietary pellets, fresh fruits and vegetables. They do enjoy occasional chicken treats. A couple of things that are a strict no-no for the blue-front are avocado and chocolate, both these edibles are highly toxic for the bird, as indeed they are to any member of the parrot family.


A well-trained blue-front will let you know when it is time for him to take his bath, and it will even tell you how you should bathe him. You can choose to spray it with fresh, clean water or you may choose to spray it with aloe vera.

The cage requires daily maintenance as far as cleaning of the water bowl and food dishes go. Weekly chores include cleaning the perches and washing the toys. The floors of the cage should be washed and cleaned every other week.

Another thing to note is that your blue-fronted Amazon will molt its feathers periodically, with the frequency depending on the environment it is kept in, and the natural light it gets. During this time it will become less friendly and sociable, being rather nervous and defensive instead. Give your bird enough time and support as it deals with its molting.


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