Bare Eye Cockatoo for Sale

Bare Eye Cockatoo for Sale


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The bare-eyed cockatoo may not be the most colorful parrot in the world, but this bird makes up for its monotone look with a dynamic personality. Sweet, playful, and intelligent, bare-eyed cockatoos are one of the best talking cockatoos.

The bare-eyed cockatoo is a smaller cockatoo that is a somewhat easier pet to keep than its larger cousins. The ring of blue around its eyes gives this bird a slightly sleepy look, but it is quite active and social and prefers to be out of its cage interacting with its owner.

Intelligent and friendly, bare-eyed cockatoos make excellent pets for experienced bird owners who would like a cockatoo but don’t have the space to keep one of the larger species. These birds can learn to perform tricks and love to hang upside down.


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