Parakeets for Sale

Parakeets are small, social, and intelligent birds. Eating a variety of seeds, plants, fruits, and vegetables, parakeets are known to live approximately 15 years in captivity.

Parakeets will bond closely with their pet parents if the time is taken to hand tame them.

Parakeets sometimes referred to as budgies, make excellent pets for those interested in caring for a feathered friend or those who want a smaller pet bird. They are commonly yellow and green, but a fancy or rare parakeet’s plumage can come in a rainbow of colors and combinations. Like most birds, parakeets are quite social and will become lonely without daily interaction or a playmate.

At a minimum, their habitat should be 18” x 18” and include a couple of differently sized perches, cuttle-bone, toys, and fresh food and water daily. Like many other domesticated birds, parakeets can mimic sounds and be taught to talk. You’ll find a large selection of parakeets for sale.

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