Feather Plucking in Cockatoos

Feather Plucking in Cockatoos: Causes, Solutions, and Care Tips Topic Key Points What is feather plucking? Feather plucking is when cockatoos excessively preen, pull, or chew on their own feathers. It can be caused by health issues, boredom, stress, or unfavorable surroundings. Why do cockatoos pluck their feathers? Reasons include skin diseases, allergies, parasites, hormonal […]

Cockatoo flight behavior

Hey there! If you’re curious about cockatoo flight behavior, you’re in the right place. Here’s what you need to know: Cockatoos rely on flight for foraging, communicating, and socializing. Factors like wing structure, weather, and social interactions influence how they fly. In captivity, providing enough space, enrichment, and training opportunities is crucial for their well-being. […]

Can Cockatoo Talk

Can Cockatoo Talk? A Guide to Cockatoo Speech Before we delve into the fascinating world of cockatoo communication, let’s highlight the essential points: Table Cockatoo Species Talking Ability Baudin’s Black Cockatoo Limited speech, sweet voice Blue-Eyed Cockatoo Moderate talking capacity Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo Variable; some are quieter, others more talkative Cockatiel Both males and females […]

Discover What Cockatoos Eat

Discover What Cockatoos Eat: A Guide to Cockatoo Diet & Nutrition Cockatoo Species Favorite Foods Baudin’s Black Cockatoo Seeds, nuts, fruits Blue-Eyed Cockatoo Fruits, seeds Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo Almonds, seeds Cockatiel Seeds, fruits, vegetables Ducorps Corella Nuts, seeds, fruits What cockatoos eats in details 1. Baudin’s Black Cockatoo Distinctive Features: Dark feathers with white-tipped edges and […]

Cockatoo Lifespans

Cockatoo Lifespans Are you curious about the lifespan of those captivating cockatoos? Join the club! These feathered beauties have stolen the hearts of bird enthusiasts everywhere. But before you bring one into your home, it’s crucial to understand just how long they’ll be fluttering around with you. In this guide, we’re diving into the lifespans […]

6 Most Friendliest Cockatoo 2024

6 Most Friendliest Cockatoo 2024

6 Most Friendliest Cockatoo 2024 Cockatoos, with their captivating charm and intelligence, are among the most beloved pet birds. As experts at Silvergate Bird Farm, where we have a diverse range of Cockatoos for sale, we often encounter questions about which cockatoo species are the friendliest. In this article, we delve into the world of […]