Deposits and Payments

Our sweet babies are often in high demand, so deposits are required to reserve a bird. Birds are still considered available until a deposit is received. Typically, this will be 50% of the sale price unless otherwise noted. For example, if your bird is $1000, then the deposit to reserve it will be $500. The remaining $500 balance can be paid when you pick up your baby or broken up into convenient payments along the way.

We take the placement of our birds very seriously and try to discourage impulse buys. To help make sure that the decision to own one of our beautiful babies is taken seriously, the initial reservation deposit is non-refundable except for our part’s extenuating circumstances. Refunds or credits for any other reasons are at the sole discretion of Bird Breeder Store.

We try to make finding your new feathered companion as easy as possible. As such, we accept a wide variety of payment options as a convenience. Please contact us first before sending payments, regardless of the method. Thanks!