Red Lored Amazon Parrots


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Red Lored Amazon Parrot

Looking for a stunning and intelligent bird to add to your family? Look no further than our red lored amazons parrot available for sale! This beautiful and charming parrot is also known as the Golden-cheeked Amazon or Scarlet-lored Amazon, and is native to tropical regions throughout the Americas. While wild populations can be found in various areas of California, these birds make excellent pets and are highly prized for their intelligence and comical personalities.

One of the things that makes the Red lored Amazon Parrot so popular is their exceptional talking ability. They are known for being great talkers and adding a lot of personality to any home. However, it’s important to train them well to avoid any naughty behavior. With training, this bird can make a fantastic companion for years to come.

In terms of appearance, the Red lored Amazon Parrot primarily features green plumage with a red forehead and, in some subspecies, yellow cheeks with possible red spots. Juveniles will have less yellow on the cheeks, less red on the forehead, and dark irises. They reach about 13 inches in size and weigh around 0.8 pounds.

If you’re interested in adding a Red lored Amazon Parrot to your home, it’s essential to understand their temperament. These birds are intelligent and charismatic, often bonding quickly to human relations. However, they can be vocal and sometimes aggressive if not properly trained. They also tend to pick favorite people and become loyal, one-person birds. Training them from an early age can help prevent any negative behavior.

To care for a Red lored Amazon Parrot properly, it’s essential to provide them with a spacious cage (at least 36″ long, 24″ wide, and 66″ high) and daily outside time. When it comes to their diet, they should eat high-quality pellets, a top-quality seed mix, and fresh, bird-safe fruits and veggies every day. In addition, it’s important to avoid feeding them avocados and eggplants as they can be dangerous for these birds.

Finally, if you’re looking to purchase a Red-lored Amazon Parrot, you may need to invest in DNA testing to determine their gender. This testing is an additional $149 per bird and can help ensure you get the perfect feathered friend for your family.

Explore our selection of  amazon parrots for sale. Known for their vibrant red plumage and playful personalities, these intelligent birds are sure to brighten up your home and bring joy to your life. Find your perfect feathered friend today!

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