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Orange Wing Amazon

Orange wing  Amazons make fantastic and delightful pets for anyone looking to build a strong and affectionate bond with a feathered companion. With their playful and amusing personalities, these birds have become a favorite among bird enthusiasts worldwide.

Compared to other Amazons, they generally have milder personalities, making them gentle and loving pets. But like humans, each bird has its own unique personality that can vary from one individual to another.

In their natural habitat, Orange wing Amazon typically live in flocks; however, hand-reared birds can flourish as solo pets. These birds long for constant interaction with their beloved human and enjoy forming close bonds with their owners. Keep in mind that their behaviors may vary depending on their individual mood and personality.

Providing spacious, suspended cages measuring at least 8ft x 4ft x 4ft is vital to ensure the bird has enough room to move around. Inside the cage, hanging perches with a rough texture aid in healthy beak and leg growth. A playpen inside the cage offers mental and physical stimulation opportunities. It’s important to avoid overcrowding the cage as their space should be safe, secure, and comfortable.

For those planning to offer a nest box, make sure it’s around 40 inches in height and 15 inches in diameter, with a gate or opening of about 5 inches.

Orange winged Amazon thrive on human companionship and actively seek it throughout the day. They enjoy being part of their owner’s daily activities, including watching television or engaging in family conversations. But they’re also self-entertaining when left alone, playing with their toys or relaxing on their perch. These birds are skilled mimics, so interacting with them is a delightful way to teach new words and phrases.

A seed-based diet is recommended in moderation, supplemented with fresh vegetables, fruits, lean meats such as chicken, and occasional treats such as cheese to maintain their proper nutrition and overall health. To maintain a healthy weight in Orange-winged Amazons, it’s crucial to allow them regular exercise outside of their cage. Bathing is also important, either with mist sprays or birdbaths.

Regular cleaning of the cage, toys, perches, and food and water bowls is necessary to keep your bird in optimal health.

If you’re considering having an Orange winged Amazon for a pet, remember that they require love, attention, and proper care to flourish and make a great addition to any family.


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