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Lilac crown Amazon for Sale

The Lilac-crowned Amazon is a species of parrot scientifically known as Amazona finschi. Unfortunately, due to habitat loss, their numbers are rapidly decreasing, making them endangered. However, breeders are carefully caring for them and ensuring they thrive in aviaries. These agile parrots make great companion birds, but keeping them requires a lot of commitment and responsibility. So, it’s essential to consider carefully before owning one, especially if you have kids at home.

Lilac-crowned Amazons form strong bonds with their owners and require ample daily social interaction to thrive. Their social nature makes them affectionate companions, but they are very active birds and need to have a safe place to play and climb outside of their cage each day.

Housing is crucial when it comes to keeping a Lilac-crowned Amazon. Ensure the cage is moderately spacious, with a couple of perches as the bird tends to move frequently. Additionally, there should be two playpens – one on the top of the cage and one on the outside. Place the cage in an area exposed to natural sunlight and cross ventilation without any draft. The bird loves soft wooden toys, and while there is no such thing as ‘too many toys’, make sure they do not overcrowd the cage. The bird should have enough room to extend its wings and climb freely.

The Lilac-crowned parrot has a strong urge to bond with humans, but it can show some reluctance to become tamed. It sends signals through body language, such as expanded feathers with pinned irises when warding off others. It is also important to watch your bird carefully when out of the cage as it enjoys interacting with humans but can also be destructive to delicate furniture due to its chewy nature.

For feeding, a pelleted diet, along with a seed mix and vegetables, is recommended for this species.

Attending to the emotional and physical needs of your Lilac-crowned Amazon is essential to keep it healthy and happy. It requires attention and alone time, mental stimulation through toys, and daily exercise for around 3-4 hours to remain fit. The bird tends to gain weight rapidly, so the exercise part is critical. Additionally, bathing once a week is mandatory but more beneficial if frequent. It can be through a shower or a water bowl.

Overall, the Lilac-crowned Amazon is a wonderful pet for those who have the time and energy it requires. It’s an affectionate, social bird that forms strong bonds and is sure to bring joy to anyone’s life.



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