Illigers Macaw


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Illigers Macaw

The Illigers Macaw is a vibrant and lively bird with a gorgeous green plumage. This small parrot sports a blue crown, with greenish-blues decorating the head, nape, and cheeks. The facial area is naked and pale yellow, with fine feather lines, and a prominent red patch on the forehead, lower back, and mid-belly.

But these little birds are more than just stunning. They are also friendly, lovable, and intelligent. They love to interact with their owners, and they will greet you with a crow-like call when they are excited to see you.

At our facility, we pride ourselves on giving the best care to our baby Illiger’s macaws. We keep them with their parents until they are three weeks old, after which they are hand-fed and nurtured with plenty of love in a comfortable home environment. We also ensure that they receive a lot of attention and socialization so that they can be emotionally healthy. By 15-16 weeks, depending on the individual bird, they will be fully weaned to a ZuPreem pellet diet that includes a variety of vegetables, fruits, and nuts, never a seed diet.

The Illigers macaw is a popular choice for a pet due to their charming and playful personality. Sometimes called the blue-winged macaw, they are known to be a social bird that thrives on interaction with their human family. They are easy to train and quickly become a valued member of the household. Although they are a mini macaw species, make no mistake, they are just as active and engaging as the larger parrot species. In short, if you’re looking for a friendly and intelligent bird to add to your family, the Illiger’s macaw might just be the perfect choice!

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