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Since Dusky Conures only make minimal sounds and are often very calm, they’re definitely a home pet. Yet even though they’re small enough for an apartment, these birds would need a place with bigger space.

We all know that conures are small birds but big clowns. They are cuddly, cute, and full of goofy tricks. The Dusky conure is not far behind. Dusky Headed conures are calm, affectionate, and endlessly funny- this makes them a very popular pet parrot.

We specialize in raising tame, well socialized, and confident companion Dusky Conures. All of our Dusky Conures birds receive spacious and clean housing, nutrient-rich food, and constant love and attention from our highly trained staff. In addition, we ensure that each bird has adequate socialization for them to become successful feathered companions.

We have Males and Females Dusky Conures for sale from 4 to 9 months old. DNA tested, fully health tested with vet certificate. They are cute and very friendly. They love to be held, stroked, and will climb all over you. They have been hand-reared from a very young age, and so they are very friendly and tame towards everyone, including children. They feed on apples, bananas, and pellets mixed with seeds.

If you have questions regarding Dusky Conures or any others available, please give us a call for more pictures, videos, and information.

If you would like additional information about these beautiful Dusky Conures, please give us a call or email us!

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Dusky Conure

The Dusky Headed Conure is an adorable, affectionate, and comical bird that loves having fun, whether alone or with its owner. With a cuddly and playful disposition, they will often show their affectionate side- do not deprive them of their much-needed scratches and petting. As intelligent birds and lovely companions, Dusky Conures are small and attractive parrots that will definitely make a great addition to any household.

In their natural habitat, Dusky Conures living in South America breed well in captivity. These birds are predominantly green with a gray or blue-grey head, and their wings and abdomen may be yellow. The wings’ edges and tail tips adorn a beautiful blue color, while they have a white ring around their eyes and black beaks. Adult Dusky Conures grow to about eleven inches in length.

Dusky Conures are gentle and shy birds that can repeat words and perform multiple tricks, making them an absolute delight for bird enthusiasts. Apart from playing with toys, dancing is one of their favorite pastimes. These birds enjoy sitting on shoulders for extended periods and may sometimes be mischievous and nibble on clothing or upholstery. They love swinging, climbing, chewing, and spending time on play stands.

To ensure that your Dusky Conure remains healthy and happy, provide them with a nutritious diet that goes beyond a seed-based diet. Fresh veggies, leafy greens, and fruits should be included, particularly reds and oranges for vitamin A intake. You can also give them calcium treats and cuttlebones, making sure to wash all foods beforehand. Keep away from fried foods, chocolates, avocados, and sugar.

When it comes to caring for your pet, remember that every pet-owner relationship is unique. The bond between you and your Dusky Conure can be strengthened by teaching them to play tricks with their favorite toys, including small bells or rings. Dusky Conures love to socialize, so introduce them to your friends and family, and make sure they have plenty of one-on-one attention and affection.

A cage measuring 30″ by 36″ by 30″ and a bar spacing of half an inch is an adequate size for a Dusky Conure. These birds are proficient in escaping, so the cage should be securely locked. Instead of covering the cage with towels or clothes, use a suitable cage cover. Inside the cage, provide 3-4 perches and multiple toys since Dusky Conures thrive on variety.

At our avian breeding farm, we specialize in raising well-socialized, tame, and confident companion Dusky Conures. Our birds receive spacious and hygienic housing, nutrient-rich food, and constant love and attention from our highly trained staff. We take pride in ensuring that each bird has adequate socialization to become successful feathered companions.

If you have any questions regarding Dusky Conures or any other birds available, please contact us for more information, photos, and videos.

For additional information on these beautiful Dusky Conures, feel free to call or email us today.

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