Double Yellow Headed Amazon


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Double Yellow Headed Amazon

Double Yellow Headed Amazon are an excellent choice for those looking for an intelligent, affectionate parrot with fantastic speech capacity. However, like all Amazon parrots, they enjoy being the center of attention and may test boundaries, especially with inexperienced bird handlers. Therefore, they are better suited for experienced bird owners.

These brightly colored Amazons are joyful birds, but their dwindling numbers in the wild have limited the pet trade to captive-bred individuals. If you are considering owning a pet Double Yellow-Headed Amazon, here are some key details on how to care for them.


To ensure a happy and healthy bird, Double Yellow Headed Amazon require a spacious cage that is at least eight feet long, four feet wide, and four feet high. This will allow them enough space to fly and stretch their wings. Make sure to provide perches and toys for proper enrichment. A playpen attached to the top of the cage can also be a great addition to their environment.

Temperament & Personality

These parrots are known for their intelligence and lively personality. They thrive on human interaction and can become aggressive if left alone for extended periods of time. They also have a tendency to chew on household objects if not given adequate attention. Training them to do tricks can be a fun bonding experience for both the bird and owner. It is important to take cues from their body language to avoid any aggressive behavior like biting.


Feeding your Amazon a varied diet is crucial, consisting mainly of pellets or seed mixes, supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables. Some owners also share their nutritious meals with their pets. It is important to avoid avocado and chocolate as they can pose serious health risks to parrots.

Cleaning the cage daily and replacing food and water dishes is vital for keeping your bird healthy. Bathe your Amazon daily with water or aloe spray, or simply in the kitchen sink. Clipping their feathers and nails is necessary to ensure they don’t cause any harm. Disinfecting the cage annually is also crucial to maintain good hygiene.

Double Yellow Headed Amazon are remarkable pets that require proper attention and care. With their high intelligence and affectionate behavior, they can bring joy and companionship to their owners for many years.

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