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Blue Fronted Amazon

Blue fronted Amazon parrots are popular pets due to their brilliant colorings, distinct feather patterns, and extroverted personalities. They are among the best-talking birds, known as comedians and feathered show-offs. As highly sociable and friendly birds, they make excellent pets and companions. However, as a larger parrot, they require spacious housing and plenty of time and attention.

A proper cage for a blue fronted Amazon should be at least 24x20x20 inches to provide enough space for the bird to move around and play. Plenty of toys should be available to ensure the bird never gets bored. A rough perch should also be provided for the bird to perch on. The bird enjoys human interaction and welcomes attention from other pets. However, during the breeding season, male blue-fronts can become aggressive and deliver a powerful bite. Training the bird with a specific word or phrase can help calm it down.

A blue-fronted Amazon’s diet should consist of a seed mix or dietary pellets, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Avoid feeding them chocolate or avocado as these are highly toxic to the bird. Additionally, a weekly cleaning routine should include washing the toys, cleaning the perches, and washing the cage floors. The bird molts its feathers periodically, which can cause it to become nervous and defensive. It is important to give the bird enough time and support during this period to ensure it remains sociable and friendly.

The blue fronted Amazon parrot is a friendly, entertaining, and talkative bird that makes an excellent pet with the right amount of attention and care.

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